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Reusable & Recyclable Beverage Containers for On-the-Go Use

Our selection of on-the-go beverage containers will help you save money and help protect the environment from the waste generated from the use of disposable bevarage containers. All drinkware is toxin free, BPA free and completely recyclable.

Drink & Snack Tumbler

Item Number M809

This tumbler features a built-in flip top container to store your snacks and keep them fresh. The snack top unscrews so that you can fill the bottle with your favorite beverage. Non-leaching, toxin free and BPA-Free. 16 oz. drink cup and 6 oz. snack cup.


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Shaker Bottle

Item Number M485

Great for protein shakes, smoothies, weight loss drinks and baby formula. Includes weighted shaker ball for easy mixing. Features twist on lid and easy to carry loop handle. Non leaching, toxin free and BPA-Free. 24 oz.


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Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Item Number M849

This stylish and durable travel mug is made of high quality stainless steel. Can be used for both HOT and COLD beverages and includes a leak-proof lid. BPA Free. 14 oz.


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Sports Bottles and Mugs

In recent years, environmental news has highlighted the dangers of drinking from containers made of certain materials. When water is stored in these containers, harmful chemicals can be released from the container materials into the liquid and be ingested, with potentially unhealthy effects. Health conscious, eco-aware individuals prefer reusable water bottles made from non-toxic materials. Our stainless steel sport bottles offer the perfect solution. Each bottle is made of lightweight, ultra-durable material that is non-leaching, non-toxic and BPA-free. The wide mouth makes it easy to add ice cubes, fruit slices, or smoothie powders to your water while also allowing for easy cleanup afterward. The convenient flip top sport lid makes our bottles perfect for your next on-the-go adventure.

Our deluxe, fashionable, stainless steel travel mug is the best way to travel with your hot or cold beverages. Featuring a handy, ergonomic, no-slip grip and leak proof lid, it is very commuter friendly, as well. You favorite drink will retain its temperature for hours. You will be thrilled with the look and convenience of this mug. The stainless steel construction is exceptionally sturdy and free of the toxins found in many plastic mugs, making it a very eco-friendly choice. Take it to work, to school, or on a long drive.