Uncle Jerry's T's
265 Willow Brook Rd. Unit 1
Freehold, NJ 07728


Cumulative Prize Program

Uncle Jerry's T's rewards all participants with a Cumulative Prize Program.
For example, if a person sells 12 items they will receive any 1 Free Item of their choice from this catalog plus a Dinosaur Splat Ball, Light-up Emoji Buddy, LED Fiber Optic Light and a LED Flashing Hand Spinner. All Prizes come packaged with seller’s orders.


Dinosaur Splat Ball

Prize A

1 item Sold
Seller will Receive A.
One per seller, no dinosaur choice.


Light-Up Emoji Buddy

Prize B

4 items Sold
Seller will Receive A + B.

One per seller, no emoji choice.


LED Fiber Optic Light

Prize C

7 items Sold
Seller will Receive A + B + C.


LED Flashing Hand Spinner

Prize D

10 items Sold
Seller will Receive A + B + C + D.

One per seller, no color choice.


Any 1 Free Item of your Choice from this Catalog

12 items Sold
Seller will Receive A + B + C + D.
For every additional 12 Items Sold Sellers will Receive another 1 Free Item of their Choice from this Catalog.


Hi-Def Bluetooth Headphones

Super Seller Bonus

60 items Sold.
Seller will also recieve prize A, B, C, D.
In addition they will receive any 1 FREE ITEM of their choice from our catalog for every 12 items sold.

Enjoy wireless music from your Bluetooth enabled smartphone, laptop or tablet. Delivers 360 degree High-Def stereo sound and allows hands free calling. Includes USB charging cable, built in microphone and Auxiliary 3.5 mmjack.