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Why Uncle Jerry's Is Perfect For School Fundraisers

Typical school fundraisers can be difficult for children and parents to sell. The products offered, the selection and even the pricing can make reaching a goal difficult. This doesn’t have to be the case with your next school fundraising effort. When you’re looking for school fundraising ideas that will practically sell themselves, you’ll find an amazing selection here at Uncle Jerry’s T’s.

Uncle Jerry’s T’s has been in the fundraising business for more than 30 years. In that time, we’ve worked with thousands of organizations all over the country to make their school fundraiser projects become successful. We are the go-to choice for many schools and organizations because of:

The variety of products we offer – Our fundraiser catalogs are like nothing you’ve seen before. While we do offer traditional products such as gift wrap, greeting cards and candles, we also offer unique choices with our T-shirt, towel and jewelry selections. We even have household items and many other useful things your customers will love. We make sure our selection is amazing so your school fundraising effort will benefit from having something for everyone.

The prices we set on our products – It doesn’t matter how great fundraising ideas are, if the products are priced too high, sales are likely to suffer. This isn’t the case with Uncle Jerry’s T’s. We keep our prices low so your sales can soar.

The profits we provide you – When our products are used for your next fundraiser, you’ll enjoy an incredible profit margin. Our organization partners keep a whopping 40% of all sales. After all, we’re here to help you make your school fundraiser a success.

The convenience we deliver – Rely on Uncle Jerry’s for your next fundraiser and you’ll see what you’ve been missing with other companies. To make your job easier, we wrap all ordered products individually and then sort them out by seller. This means your distribution day will flow much easier.

There are typical school fundraisers and then there are Uncle Jerry’s fundraisers. If you’re ready to see real profits and satisfied customers, just contact us today. Our high quality, low-priced fundraising items are sure to be a hit with your supporters.