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Every year thousands of groups participate in T-shirt fundraisers with Uncle Jerry's T's and make big profits for their organizations. Our fundraising ideas are unique and are highly popular with buyers.
This means when organizations choose to work with Uncle Jerry’s, their organization and school fundraisers are more likely to meet or exceed goals.
How do we make this happen? We offer only the best selection of T-shirt fundraising designs and all of our
T-shirts are made of top quality 100% heavyweight preshrunk cotton. We silkscreen using only the best quality inks so Uncle Jerry's T-shirts hold their colors for many years to come. The end result is a fundraiser that organizations can be proud to offer.


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When you’re looking for fundraiser ideas, just explore our inventory of T-shirts and you’ll see why Uncle Jerry’s is so popular. Our shirts for organization and school fundraising include such designs as:

Environmental Designs– Our school fundraising ideas appeal to buyers with a wide variety of interests. Our environmental T-shirt designs include animal and nature designs, and much more.

Fun Novelty Designs – These fundraising T-shirts are meant to appeal to old and young customers alike. With fun and striking designs, there's something for everyone.

Officially Licensed Designs – At Uncle Jerry’s, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of officially licensed designs for adults and children. From favorite comic book heroes to cartoon favorites like Tweetie Bird, we have a selection that appeals to customers and helps make school fundraisers a real success.

Sports and Activity Tees – These sports-themed T-shirts are perfect for use in a school fundraiser. Adults and children alike love these designs that promote soccer, basketball, baseball, cheerleading and many other sports and interests.

Girls/Juniors Designs – We also offer an array of fashion fitted T-shirts just for girls. These designs are excellent for organization and school fundraising efforts.

If you’re ready to make your next school fundraiser a runaway success, look to Uncle Jerry’s T’s. Just browse our selection and see for yourself why thousands of organizations count on us when they need to raise money. For more information about planning and running your fundraiser, just contact us at 1-800-556-2887 or info@unclejerrystees.com.