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Welcome To Uncle Jerry's T's
Uncle Jerry's T's has been in the fundraising business for more than 30 years. In that time, we've worked with thousands of schools and organizations to come up with fun, and ultimately successful, fundraiser ideas. Schools, especially, have found great school fundraising ideas through Uncle Jerry's T's. Our school fundraiser products are high quality, affordable and easy to sell to maximize your success.

Why do some school fundraisers and other fundraising projects fail to reach their goals? In many cases, it comes down to the products. We’ve all been there; in a position where we feel obligated to buy a fundraising product because it’s for a good cause even though, in reality, we will never use or enjoy that product. However, when you offer products that have broad-based appeal - that buyers are actually enthusiastic to purchase - your chances of success skyrocket. At Uncle Jerry’s T’s, we are proud to carry fundraiser products that people will be happy to buy - not only because they are contributing to a good cause - but because they actually like what they are getting.

Fundraising ideas don't always work in practice as well as they do on paper; this is certainly an experience that has been shared by many who have been charged with creating and orchestrating fundraisers for their schools, clubs and other organizations. A successful fundraiser is the perfect marriage between enticing products, an enthusiastic, proactive fundraising team and the opportunity for the organization to turn a commendable profit. At Uncle Jerry's T's, we help our customers maximize their chances of fundraising success.

When you work with Uncle Jerry's T's, you receive all the fundraiser materials you need to generate sales. Your fundraising team will have all the tools in place they need to succeed; the only thing left for them to do is take orders, from which your organization will receive 40% from all sales. Just take your profit right off the top and send us a check for the difference. We do the rest! Each seller's order is packaged separately with their items sold, prizes sold and order forms inside their bags for easy distribution.

All orders with total sales of $800 or more receive FREE shipping. Plus, we provide a prize program to help motivate those taking part in your school fundraising effort. Prizes for your sellers include such things as key chains, pen light necklaces, choice of items from our catalog, MP4 players and much more!

We offer fantastic fundraising ideas for Special Olympics, Head Start, daycare/childcare providers, preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, cheerleading squads, dance teams, gymnastic teams, bowling teams, PTAs/PTOs, school bands, school choruses, drama clubs, yearbook committees, student council, class trips, sports teams and more! What kind of fundraiser ideas will you find at Uncle Jerry’s?

Our fundraising products include several different types of top quality items that are big hits for organizations and school fundraisers. Our catalogs feature such items as:

T-shirts – As our name suggests, we specialize in short and long sleeve T-shirts. Our styles include popular Licensed cartoon characters, Environmental T-shirts, Sports designs, unique designs and much more. Our fundraising T-shirts are selected for their high quality and easy marketability. Plus, the reasonable prices will only help you generate sales.

Towels – Our organization and school fundraiser product line also includes a wide variety of novelty towels. Beach, bath and towel ponchos with many different designs are found regularly in our fundraising catalogs.

Bags and wallets – This product line is especially popular for school fundraising. Our bags and wallets include a wide variety of designs that are just right for children, as well as adults.

Mugs – Novelty travel mugs also serve as great fundraising ideas. We offer your organization access to a wide selection of styles.

Candles and diffusers – Scented candles and diffusers are always popular organization and school fundraising ideas. We offer a tremendous selection of quality products priced to move.

Jewelry – We also offer catalogs loaded with beautiful, high-quality jewelry pieces that serve very well for fundraising, especially prior to gift-giving holidays.

Other products – We also offer a selection of traditional and useful fundraising ideas, such as a selection of household goods, greeting cards, gift bags, gift wrap and other assorted items.

To find out more about how Uncle Jerry’s T’s can put the fun in your fundraiser - and help you reach your fundraising goals - just contact us for information to get started. You can reach us at 1-800-556-2887 or info@unclejerrystees.com.